Lori Cole



Surveying the Avant-Garde: Questions on Modernism, Art, and the Americas in Transatlantic Magazines (Penn State University Press, 2018)

This book examines art and literature of the Americas through the lens of the questionnaire, a genre as central as the manifesto to the history of the avant-garde. Questions such as “How do you imagine Latin America?” and ‘What should American art be?” issued by magazine editors to their contributors, yield a self-reflexive history of modernism as told by its key players, enabling writers and artists to position themselves within national and aesthetic communities in print.

Reviewed by Harris Feinsod in American Literary History Online (Dec. 2018)

Reviewed by Eamon McCarthy in Bulletin of Spanish Studies (Oct. 2019)

Reviewed by David A. J. Murrieta Flores in Terrae Incognitae (Jan. 2020)

Reviewed by Harper Montgomery in Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture (April 2020)

Reviewed by Lynda Klich in Modernism/Modernity (September 2021)

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"What should art institutions do now?" Paper Monument, September 2018.

Reviewed by James McAnally, “Organizing Futures,” Art in America (Jan. 2019)


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