Lori Cole


Magazine as Method: Questionnaires and Exhibitions in Avant-Garde Magazines, UNAM, Mexico City, March 2024
Invited to teach a two-day master class on magazines at the National Library of Mexico

Paper Exhibitions: From Magazine to Museum in France and the Americas, Princeton University, February 2024
Invited to speak on my current book project at the French Department

International Society for the Study of Surrealism Conference, MFA Houston, November 2023
Presented “Between Surrealism and Abstraction in Chile: The Decembristas in Print”

Encounters with the Archive in Latin American and Latinx Art, UNAM, Mexico City, March 2023
Presented “Paper Exhibitions: The Magazine as Museum and Archive” as part of the ALAA Triennial

Expanding the Picture: Missing Voices from Art and Literature, NYU, December 2022
Invited to speak on interdisciplinary panel celebrating Mary Gabriel's Ninth Street Women

Avant-Garde Art on Paper in Europe, 1905-1950, Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, March 23-25, 2022
Presented “Paper Exhibitions: The Display and Circulation of the Avant-Garde Abroad”

“Surrealism Beyond Borders” Symposium, Metropolitan Museum of Art, January 20-21, 2022
Invited to participate in symposium on the exhibition.

History of Art Research Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, January 19, 2022
Invited speaker presenting on “The Magazine as Museum: Surrealist Experiments in Chile.”

Rewald Seminar Series, Art History Department, CUNY Graduate Center, December 7, 2021
Invited speaker presenting on “The Magazine as Museum.”

“Surrealism Beyond Borders” Roundtable, International Society for the Study of Surrealism, November 7, 2021
Invited to panel discussion with the curatorial team at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Tate Modern

New Approaches to Fanny Sanín: Women Artists and Geometric Abstraction, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, February 18, 2021
Invited to speak at the Duke House Exhibition Symposium

What Should Art Institutions Do Now?, New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, September 22, 2019
Invited to speak on panel about Paper Monument's 2018 questionnaire

Little Magazines: The Revolution Will Be Circulated, The Menil Collection, Houston, May 16, 2019
Invited to speak at the Vivian L. Smith Foundation Symposium

Publishing the Avant-Garde: International Perspectives on Art and Magazines, NYU, February 5, 2019
Co-organized panel discussion on the intersection of printed matter and visual culture

Modernist Studies Association Conference, Columbus, OH, November 2018
Co-organized session “Modernist Correspondences: Letter Writing, Literature, and Graphic Production”

Latin American Art in Circulation, Center for Experimental Humanities, NYU, October 4, 2018
A Discussion with Lori Cole, Michele Greet, and Harper Montgomery, Moderated by Michelle Clayton

7th Annual Conference of the European Society for Periodical Research, Université Paris-Sorbonne, June 2018
Presented paper “‘A Traveling Exhibition’: Magazines and the Display and Circulation of Art in the Americas”

Surrealism: From France to the World, Princeton University, April 2018
Presented paper “Surrealism in Circulation: Surrealist Art and Print Culture in the Americas”

The Writerly Life, Center for Experimental Humanities, NYU, February, 2018
Organized and moderated an event with Dawn Chan, Dan Fox, Lucy Ives, and Danielle Jackson

The Blind Man and other Dada Magazines, Center for Experimental Humanities, NYU, January, 2018
Organized and moderated an event with Emily Hage, Sophie Seita, and Elizabeth Zuba

College Art Association Conference, New York City, February 2017
Organized and chaired session “Art/Magazines”

Modern Language Association Conference, Philadelphia, January 2017
Presented as part of the session “Latin American Cosmopolitics”

Global Surrealism Convening Session, Art Institute of Chicago, November 2016
Presented paper “‘How do you imagine Latin America?’ And Other Inquiries: Questioning Global Surrealism”

College Art Association Conference, Washington, DC, February 2016
Presented paper “America in Circulation: Joaquín Torres-García and Stuart Davis on View and in Print”

Modernist Studies Association Conference, Boston, MA, November 2015
Co-organized seminar “All Together Now: The Multimedia Avant-garde”

Global Modernism: State of the Field, NYU Center for the Humanities, November 2015
Co-organized and moderated a roundtable discussion on the global turn in modernist studies

99 Objects Series, Whitney Museum of American Art,, New York City, July 2015
Invited to speak on Arthur Dove, The Critic, 1925 on view in “America is Hard to See”

Latin American Studies Association Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 2015
Presented paper, “Avant-Garde Inquiries: Questioning Art and Identity in Latin American Print Culture”

Select Contemporary Art Fair, New York City, May 2015
Invited to speak on panel “Freedom of Press?” in conjunction with the Art Practical issue “Free Speech in the Art World”

World War One and the Aesthetics of Empire, Mandel Center for the Humanities, Brandeis University, April 2015
Invited to speak on the cultural politics of Spain and Latin America post-World War One.

Department of Comparative Literature, New York University, March 2015
Invited to speak on “Comparative Research Methods: At the Intersection of Art and Literature”

Modernist Studies Association Conference, Duquesne University, November 2014
Organized panel “Transatlantic Modernism: New Bearings,” presented paper “Translating the Transatlantic: Borges and Carpentier Between Europe and Latin America” and chaired panel “Unlikely Circulations: The Repurposing of the Modernist Archive”

Draper Lecture Series: Interdisciplinarity in Today's Academy, New York University, September 2014
Gave talk “Interdisciplinary Intersections: Art, Literature, and Global Print Culture”

Global Modernisms Symposium, Ithaca College, April 2014
Presented on panel “English, Spanish, and the Politics of Global Modernisms”

American Comparative Literature Association Conference, New York University, March 2014
Presented Paper “‘How do you Imagine Latin America?’ Defining Latin America in Print”

College Art Association Conference, Chicago, IL, February 2014
Presented Paper “‘What is 291?’ Stieglitz Issues a Questionnaire”

DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA, January 2014
Invited to speak on panel titled “Art Writing Tactics”

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, July 2013
Transatlantic Encounters: Avant-Garde Discourses in Spain and Latin America Conference.
Presented paper “‘¿Qué es la vanguardia?’: Ultraism Between Madrid and Buenos Aires”

The Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, March 2013
Close Looking Series, co-lectured on Antoni Tàpies's painting Enchanted Night

Northeast Modern Language Association Conference, Tufts University, March 2013
Presented paper “Revista de Avance: Art in Print”

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, February 2013
Gave invited lecture titled “Defining American Art: New York Museums, Magazines, and Patrons”

Faculty Lunch Symposium, Brandeis University, November 2012
Presented research “‘What is the Avant-Garde?’ Questionnaires as Communities in Print”

Modernist Studies Association Conference, Las Vegas, October 2012
Presented paper “‘What is the Avant-Garde?’ Defining Spain Through the Questionnaire”

The Frick Collection, New York, April 2012
The Center for the History of Collecting's Fellows' Forum.
Presented paper “Collecting Photography: Stieglitz, Camera Work, and the Institutionalization of Photography as Art”

American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Brown University, March 2012
Organized panel “Reading Beyond the Nation: Modern Periodical Communities”
Presented paper “Art/Magazines: The Exhibitions of Camera Work and Revista de Avance”

Institute for Comparative Literature and Society Conference, Columbia University, November 2011
Presented paper “Reading Revista de Avance Across Disciplines”

The Centre for Surrealism and its Legacies Symposium, The Tate Modern, London, May 2011
Presented paper “‘Why do Americans Live in Europe?’ transition Magazine's Transatlantic Surrealism”

CUNY Graduate Center Art History Symposium, City University of New York, April 2011
Presented paper “‘What is the Avant-Garde?’ The Questionnaire as Historiography”

Comparative Literature Graduate Student Conference, New York University, March 2011
Presented paper “‘What Should American Art Be?’ The Questionnaire and the Formation of Transnational Print Communities”

Modernist Studies Association Conference, Victoria, BC, November 2010
Presented paper “‘What is 291?’: Forming Avant-Garde New York”

College Art Association Conference, Chicago, IL, February 2010
Organized panel “Contesting the City: Experiments in Transnational Public Art”

American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Harvard University, March 2009
Organized panel “The Manifesto: Mapping the International Avant-Garde”
Presented paper “Rewriting the Vanguard: Guillermo de Torre and the Origins of Ultraísmo”

The 8th International Conference on Word and Image Studies: Efficacy/Efficacité, Paris, France, July 2008
Presented paper “On the Political Implications of Shimon Attie's Public Art Practice”

Modern Language Association Conference, Chicago, IL December 2007
Presented paper “Deconstructing Form, Reconstructing Subjectivity: On Fisherman's Gombrowicz”

The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 2007
Presented paper “Between the Event and the Trace: Performance and its Visual Record”

American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Puebla, Mexico, April 2007
Presented paper “Duchamp in Buenos Aires: The Unhappy Readymade”