Lori Cole


Global Modernisms Research Collaborative, The Humanities Initiative, New York University, 2015- 2017
Co-organizing a series of grant-funded interdisciplinary events, lectures and exhibitions critically examining modernist studies.

The Magazine as Medium at Cabinet Magazine, Brooklyn, NY, April- June 2015
Panel series on the interview, questionnaire and letter to the editor

Rose Video Series, Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, 2013- 2014
Curated video art series: Mark Boulos and Josephine Meckseper, Mary Reid Kelley and Maria Lassnig, Alex Hubbard.

Print Culture: Past, Present, Future, Brandeis University, October 2013
Symposium on the history and digital future of print culture

Index of Questionnaires
An ongoing research project compiling questionnaires issued by magazines from 1891 to the present.